Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughs on Ultramarathon Training

1. I'm up to almost 10 hours of running a week and compared to 10 hours of triathlon training I would say that just running hurts much more immediately after the workout, 4 hours on the bike doesn't leave me limping, you can believe that 4 hours of running does, but, the next day I feel as fine as possible. No more tired than if I'd been swimming, biking and running. So, I got that going for me.

2. I was starving, ravenous, hunger at a 10 from Friday night until today, Monday, after breakfast. I'm definitely going to be over a bit on my points this week, but, truth be told, I've been over 5 to 33 in the past 7 weeks and I'm losing over a pound a week so I'll be fine with that.

3. You can conjugate "to bonk" in French if you've been running for 3.5 hours and you stop to get some chocolate milk to get you home that last, unexpected half hour. I came out of the convenience store, opening my carton of the nectar of the gods and found myself doing just that. You know, je bonk, tu bonk, nous bonkons, vous bonkez. I then tried it in German, which you would think would work better but French won. I then ran down the road singing "bonk, bonk, bonk" to Deadmau5' "Ghost n Stuff". It works well, try it.

4. I just debated the grammar of making Deadmau5 possessive. I don't remember the rule for the use of a 5 for an S. Mr. Fraser, you taught me the semi-colon but neglected that one.

5. I just have 21 k to run Wednesday night, an hour interval workout Thursday night and then I"m off to run a half marathon Sunday. Then, depending how I feel I might not run again until my long run on the following Saturday.

6. I miss my pool. I made it to the community centre by my office on Friday and found that 20 minutes fixed so much. Alex was flying in early so I didn't want to stay too long but, if he's as late as usual on Friday this week I'll get a full workout in with drills. I never thought I'd like doing drills. I never thought I'd like running on the treadmill. If there is anything you don't think you'd like, try it. Except liver and brussels sprouts. Only freaks like that kind of thing.

7. I'm still at the "doing the race to see if I can" point. The knowing is going to take a couple more months. I'll tell you when I get there.

Let's leave it at lucky 7.


  1. Wait...I like liver AND am trying to like brussel sprouts...

    I love that you conjugated bonk, I do the same kind of thing. Yay for working out enough to bring on the ravenous hunger!

  2. Chocolate milk sounds like the perfect nectar at the end of a run. Sounds disatrous BEFORE a run.

    Congrats on the ongoing training. I really like how you push yourself in your training. It inspires me to quit being such a wimp.

  3. BC, if I may call you that, you are no wimp.

  4. Ah ha, Molly, you've proven my point about liver. :) Alex likes it too. We both do not understand the point of Brussels sprouts. We threw them off a balcony one New Year's Eve. It made sense at the time.

  5. Running can beat the legs bad, although biking for four hours can leave some bad saddle sores.

  6. Are you training for an ultra?? I've got them on the brain right now - just finished reading 'Born to Run' - :)

    - Sue