Saturday, February 5, 2011

The super bad, horrible awful run.

Got your attention?

So, (sigh) they can't all be winners and sometimes all you get out of your workout is mental training, as in the training makes you mental.

It was supposed to be 26 km of  fun, with dog, sunny skies, feeling super duper, top of the world, all that good stuff. It happened right after a wonderful swim at a very swanky downtown club courtesy of the wonderful woman who puts needles in me. Now, in hindsight, and truth be told, also at the time, I should have had lunch before the run. Breakfast of champions, Red River cereal and fruit was at 8 am - run started at 12. Too much time and not enough calories. With the WW I'm running about 500 calories short a day (giving me my 1 lb a week loss) and I have to realize that that level of deprivation is going to lay a very thin line in the sand between happy fun run and depleted sad slog.

My best girl (dog Chindi) by my side, I set out with a great play list on the ipod and high expectations. My goal was Victoria Park, 13 km away up a lovely trail beside the Don River. The same trail run last weekend, twice, with happy dog and sunny skies. Chindi is not fond of the initial part of the run, we have to start off from my office on a busy street that smells like dogs she doesn't know, then she has to go down metal stairs that she can see through and she's stuck on leash until we get to the less used part of the trail. But let me tell you, she remained a sullen teenager for the entire run. I let her off leash to frolic only to have her sit down on the trail and refuse to move. Back on the leash until we got to a very wonderful part of the trail, with the river running right beside us. If you're a water dog that's got your name all over but this water dog continued to pout, tail down and more trail sitting.

Now, I felt guilty. I knew she was upset that Alex wasn't with us, she was worried that without the Alpha male we'd get ourselves into trouble and also, since he's been travelling so much, I think she just missed him. I considered turning back to find him on his shorter run and letting him take her home with him but I kept thinking she'd perk up. No perking happened just 25 lbs dragging behind me.

So now I'm getting sad and depressed, the snow is warm enough today to get sloppy with big divots that threatened to twist my ankle. Fast skinny guys kept running past me. I poured all 200 calories of Clif blocks into the stomach but got no sugar love.


But not in a good way - not in the "I'm becoming a better fitter person" way.

I have no watch on today but I'm guessing that if I turn around at about 16 and then add a run home from the office I'll have gotten in 21k today - about 3 hours at the speed I was able to go. I turn us around and Chindi, naturally, gets a second wind and finally starts contributing to the cause by pulling me along the trail. We exit the trail early to get on some snow free city sidewalks and the two of us fly down the road to the office, me dreaming of coke, Chindi dreaming of rancid fish wrapped in mouldy bacon (there, just turned myself off bacon - handy).

The security guard at the office tells me Alex is still around (aside, we work in the same building, it's a small one so everyone is well know, esp as the only married couple there). I call him and catch him for a ride home. I'm stinky, still in workout clothes, and I'm out of control, blood sugar crashing, hungry. An attempt is made to purchase back bacon sandwiches at the farmer's market on the way home but they just take cash. I stagger off to find Alex and further the meltdown. At that point I was the total Zombie runner, can't think, can't run anymore, possibly decomposing, stumbling around just needing brains, tasty tasty brains.

Made do with very tasty egg wrap created by he who is so good at taking care of me in Zombie mode. Tomorrow's another day and perhaps I can get that extra missed 10 km in. No trails unless it's colder and the snow sets up. There is a shovelling by-law and I intend to enjoy the results.


  1. Sounds like a rough day indeed but at least you've likely identified the root cause so you can correct it for the future. Wonder what was up with sullen sitty dog?

  2. Chindi is just a bitch, but she can't help it, she was born that way. I think she really didn't want to go without Alex, love of her life.

  3. I'm feelin' ya! Sounds alot like the tough slog I just went through. No sugar luvin' here either!

    I suspected February would be the toughest month. I can't wait until it is over! Dig deep honey! Dig deep!