Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Into week 6 of  both the ultra-marathon training and weight watchers and the two continue to complement each other.

Nitty gritty on the WW - I switched my weigh in day to Fridays because I found that I was hoarding points for the weekend and going too hungry on Mondays. Traditionally training has always left me tired and hungry and grouchy on Monday so I wanted to try and work on that issue. Now, if say, I have a party to attend on a Thursday the only worry is having enough points left for a few drinks and that, if I'm serious about training and making a good weight for races, well, that my friends can be missed.

Last week's volume was about 50k, 35 of it on Saturday and Sunday so having earned the lion's share of my activity points I proceeded to have lion portions of food, including dessert both nights. Result - Monday saw me feeling great, no fatigue, no hunger, I felt like I hardly needed the rest day.

So, I continue to be an ambassador for the program, it's really working with my training and my life. I suspect that by end of March, when things start to really pick up, I might have to add a few more calories/points to make sure I'm recovering from the big weeks but, after the 50 miler, and the 2 week orgy of caloric consumption that results from these events, I'll have another window before Iron training gets crazy in September.

Weight loss has been steady, I should be down about 5 pounds this Friday which brings me back to Iron weight. After that, I'll feel like I'm actually losing something - well, actually gaining something.

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