Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why do we accept so little for ourselves.


The Canadian government just lowered current recommended physical activity standards to 150 minutes a week. HUH??

I’ve read over and over again how that the three factors most important in maintaining a healthy body weight are:
breakfast every day
a low fat, high carbohydrate diet, and
7 hours of exercise a week, equivalent to walking.

Why has the Canadian government accepted such a lesser standard for our citizens?

Growing up in Canada we always knew that we were thin and Americans were fat. Then we got fat, but, Americans got fatter. That was kinda the deal, right. Now we’ll all fatter and south of the border they’ve progressed to obese and I have noticed now that when I leave the city, even in Canada, I see obese people. If that sounds like “I see dead people”, well, that’s pretty close to the truth. Obesity kills and before it kills the body, it kills quality of life. We should all rise up in spandex to kill obesity before it kills us. We can take it, it gets short of breath so quickly after all.

For some reason people my age (40’s) accept that activities like shovelling snow will result in them being physically wiped out for a couple of days. Why does this not trigger an alarm?

I think that we have, as a society, completely lost a sense of what our bodies were made to do. When 150 minutes a week of exercise is published as an acceptable standard then we have some pretty short memories. How is that “normal” for bodies that a scant couple generations ago grew their own food, carried water, and hunted long distances from home without an ATV?

I walk 2 hours a day, to and from work. That doesn’t wipe me out, I hardly notice it. I’m pretty sure that in the developing world, that’s a regular commute to school or work.  If I want to take transit to work, at rush hour, I would have to leave the house at about the same time as I do to walk. Coming home, I can get the streetcar and be home in 30 minutes. It takes 50 minutes to walk so that extra 20 minutes in the evening is not a big deal and it gives me half of the 60 minutes that I need to maintain a healthy weight. Mornings don't cost me more time to walk so why not do that and save the $2.50 fare. Starting out years before I even knew what Ironman was, I could have, like so many others, assumed that I didn’t have time to walk to or from work but, looking into it I discovered that I did. We can all find those opportunities if we start looking – but nobody looks.

We all moan that we haven’t got time but can recite 2 hours worth of TV plot points and contest results watched the previous night. We moan that we’re getting older ignoring all the people around us who haven’t accepted the idea of killing our bodies off prematurely. People treat me like I’m some sort of super human because of what I do. Pleeeease. I was never on a school sports team, I usually didn’t even get a bronze in fitness testing, I’m scared of any game that involves balls; volleyball gives me the whillies. Actually I’m scared of any team games because I know I can’t keep the rules straight. But, I would not accept physical weakness and ill health so, I ask, why does anyone else? I just don't get it.


  1. Agree 100%. And I'm lucky to be in a state/area where it's theoretically less obese than elsewhere, though it still seems like it's omnipresent. Going to the Midwest and the South is an eye-opener though, it's so prevalent. When did it just become expected that you got fat when you got older? This goes in line with what I've been told my whole life as far as eating and activity goes - "oh just wait till your 20s, it'll get harder" "oh just wait till after 30 your metabolism will slow down" and so on. Like there's no hope and nothing we do will make a difference. Very frustrating.

  2. "When did it just become expected that you got fat when you got older?" As far as I can tell, the last 20 years. Honestly.

  3. The fatter we are the more money the 'corporate fat cats' make.

    The government is just helping there buddies make money.

    Conspiracy theory FTW!