Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well now I've gone and done it.

Yes I have. Thirteen years after my first successful run at it I'm back with Weight Watchers. So, you say, quite rightly, gosh, if you were successful then isn't needing to go back the definition of unsuccessful? And no, it's not. To begin with, although clearly far away from optimal racing or modelling weight, I'm still within single digit jeans and I don't get breathless bending over to tie my shoes (true story-that's what took me there the first time) but I am far away from where I need to be to be faster. I'll look better for sure, and that's not trivial, but, damn it, mostly I love endurance sports and I want it all to be more satisfying and nothing would be more satisfying than a sub 14.5 hour finish next November.

I'll be back in a minute, I'm right now indulging myself and seeing the finish line with, say, 13:41 on it...hmmm...sub 14 hour finish...

Little plug for Weight Watchers here - they've changed the program to, in my eyes, make it much more doable for serious amateur athletes like yours truly. There are more points credited for working out so that, whereas previously, I would get only about 50% of the calories expended for extra food, now, I get close to 100%. Now, if you're just starting out on your life change, and you are getting yourself up to say a 30 minute walk most days, sorry, I don't think you need, or should, have those extra calories, but, if I'm training 10+ hours a week then, damn it, I WANT DESSERT ON SATURDAY NIGHT AND I DESERVE IT.

So, it's public, it's on a blog that a couple of people might actually read. I really am not setting a goal weight since body composition is what's key, but I want to be at least one size smaller by my 50 miler in May. If I can only maintain that with the 3500 calorie gorge-fest that is Iron training then I can live with that, but, I'm going for 15 pounds, 2 sizes, sub 14 hours.

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  1. I am finding lately that even though I've lost a few pounds getting back to training, the image in the mirror looks big. *sigh* What's up with that?

    In any event...I too look forward to the beautiful days of Iron eating and share your dream of that sub 14 hour finish.