Thursday, September 23, 2010

Muskoka 70.3

It was hard.

The end.

How’s that for an epic race report?

This was my third time that I had done the race, previous report here and I was just not feeling the love. See previous post.

The summer has fallen apart on race goals but I’m good with that. I am, after all, not a pro, not an elite, not even a FOP (front of packer). It's not like it's my job.

Ironhusband was injured so was not up for the race, a friend from Cruise to Run arrived, also injured, and, along with her new boyfriend, proceeded to run interference on any plans to avoid the adult beverages before the race. Short story on that – I had a lot of fun Friday night but I think it came back to haunt my stomach on Sunday. I’m just not a spring chicken anymore.

Now, generally, given my pre-disposition to THE CRAZIES, I don't tend to even take a look at the swim course until it's basically too late. This year, so certain was I of kicking THE CRAZIES to the curb I actually I shoved myself into my wetsuit and hit the lake the day before the race.
It was cold.
But, other than the fact that my new women's specific goggles were constantly leaking (always try things out before a race!), I was very calm just swimming around the water toys at the beach, talking to others in the lake, and generally proving to myself that I was going to be great tomorrow.
And it was.
I'm going to cut to the chase and just go by the numbers. Absent transition times (boring story - honestly on why they were longer), I was actually 2 minutes faster than last year, and more importantly, moved way up in ranking. My bike was almost the same as last  year to the minute, my run sucked at + 4 minutes but, wait for it:
I took 8 minutes off the swim and only back stroked to, well, belch a couple times. I didn't even have any asthma problems. I freaking rocked.
I did feel the lack of training. The bike started out great and then I faded large on the last third or so, same story with the run, but it was just great to be able to complete a very tough half-ironman on what is now my general fitness level.
Right now I just have the Run for the Toad a week Saturday. I'm still registered for the 50K but I'm sure it will be just 25k for me. And that's ok. It's all ok. I'll just run the trail, maybe hug random strangers, and eat the great food waiting for my ride. Alex can't be there so I'm going with a couple of very fast women (and no, I don't mean what you think I mean) - hmmph - a couple of very speedy women (not much better) - what I mean is, they are doing the 50k and I don't imagine  that I'm going to be waiting very long for them. I'll have a lawn chair, a book, an iphone, and a big plate of food. And, a new friend to get to know who is running it as well. We've been fixed up on the date by a mutual friend from the cruise. I'll be sure to shave my legs.

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  1. Congratulations on your HIM.