Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The pit of despair

 These are trying times to be in the investment industry and we are dealing with a couple of irresponsible pet owners whose dog is attacking and threatening ours so I've fallen into a bit of a funk lately.

I'm still getting in the workouts and in fact, I've picked up 2-3 km/hour in speed on the bike over this time last year but although I'm pretty stoked about making my 7 hour half ironman race times this year, it's recovery week and I'm feeling the heaviness in my legs which also makes it hard to get terribly positive. But, I'm trying. I'm focussing on that 7 hour mark in my workouts much like I kept the idea of the Ironman finish line in my head last year. By the way, anyone thinking about the Iron route, that finish line is a thousand times better than you can ever imagine. Get off your butt and get there.

To recap the race schedule, I have less than two weeks to my 28 k Limberlost challenge trail run and I'm really not sure what to think. I'm pretty sure that my Skirtsports running dress in the Endless Summer print will be perfectly appropriate (ultra runner females seem to put a lot of emphasis on cool outfits for the race) but the question of course is, will the legs be appropriate. Mostly I think that I'm Iron, I can do anything, but, training is making it clear that although speed has improved, endurance is lacking. I may have to race my endurance back that day.

The following week is a sprint triathlon in Bala, very close to our cottage. The absolutely unbelievable Gord Pauls will be there on his way to his triple Ironman this August in Penticton. Gord will be completing the Ironman Canada course on Friday and Saturday before racing Ironman Canada on the Sunday. He's doing this to race money for micro credit in Haiti. I'm so honoured to know Gord and his wife Esther (who did Ironman Arizona with us last November). The Ironhusband saw Gord on Saturday when we were out riding. Gord was in the middle of an epic training weekend and was actually on the way to have a hamburger in the middle of the workout to fuel the second half. Gord clearly also has an Iron stomach.

First half iron distance race is the second Sunday in August and second, and last, is the second Sunday in September. Then it's 3 weeks off before my first ultra marathon in Paris Ontario. When you can't get to France, there's always Ontario. Paris, Ontario is also the site of the Paris to Ancaster cross country bike race that saw the debut of the Ironprincess tiara last April so, if, as planned, I don't race again until that bike race next spring I'll have done a nice little Paris, Ontario race bookend.

In the meantime the appetite has increased with the training increase and I'm trying to fulfill my vow to not spend the summer mainlining sugar. I'm having fair to good results on that as Ironhusband continually rebuffs my suggestions of buying cookies. Of course, then I find chocolate bar wrappers in the car.

Finally had a chance over the last day or so to catch up on everyone's blogs. Dennis have patience you'll be running soon, in the meantime enjoy the pool, Big Clyde, have patience too, slow weight loss is the best, Barbara, don't force yourself to race if it's not in your heart this year, don't ruin the sport for yourself. Duane, you have come so far, you inspire me, keep it up, and Mike, wow, you are so close to the adventure, get lots of sleep and know that you can do it. Finally, Molly - please use your science skills to bottle your energy and enthusiasm and ship some to me. In the meantime, lots of video of Stanley on the course barking and barking. That always cracks me up.

Yours in health, happines and raw nuts and dried fruit (in lieu of ice cream - sigh)



  1. Awwww, I'm sorry you are having a rough time at the office still. But glad to hear training is going well - and looking forward to cheering you on virtually in so many events soon!

  2. Thanks for the nod. I appreciate the encouragement.

    I like the running skirt. Think they come in a 3XL for a guy who is 6'4"? ;)

  3. Big Clyde, you're not a 3XL anymore I think!! I'll keep an eye out for something for you - something fancy.

  4. Have a great time at Limberlost - I have a friend racing that day too - 56k :)