Friday, May 28, 2010

The 7% Solution

Wednesday night I ran 5k in a charity relay on a team that Ironhusband's company put together. It was my third time I was included in the event and, occurring after work, in an unseasonably hot May - it was challenging. The only chip is on the final runner so I've never had a time before for my laps but this time I used my Ironman watch to get an approximate lap time. Comparing that with 2 chipped races on our running cruise in Barbados I found I have pb'd by 2 minutes or so. It was about as hot and both courses are flat so I think they are comparable. That 27 minute 5k came out to be a 7% improvement. And that 7% improvement is about what I have been wanting to do this year in my two half iron races. 7% at the Bracebridge half iron  distance takes me from 7:33 last year to 7:01 (and I'm going to run myself to the med tent to pick up those 2 minutes for a sub 7), 7% at Muskoka 70.3 takes me from 7:53 in 2009 to 7:20. If I was doing Ironman this year that would put me with a 15:20 goal.

Assuming I do 7% again next year that puts me at a 14:16 Ironman Arizona in 2011. Feels unbelievable for me right now but after I did my first half Iron in Bracebridge in 2008 at 8:11 I never thought I could make the 17 hour cut off at a full.

So, these are the goals. It's going to take all my awesomeness and a lot of vasoline. And my new Skirt Sports workout wardrobe, especially the hot pink running skirt.


While I have your attention the very awesome Bart and Laura Yasso (whom I am proud to call friends - I'm not sure what they call me) are running the Comrades Ultramarathon on Sunday in South Africa. Bart and others have paired up with World Vision to promote child sponsorship in Africa. Using a race like this to promote such a great program and give a hand up to some wonderful needy kids, well, it feels like a great investment in the human race. Check it out.

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