Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Help me plan our vacation

In November the Ironhusband and I will return to the scene of the crime in Tempe to volunteer and sign up for Ironman Arizonia 2011:Once Is Not Enough. We're taking extra time this trip to see the sights and we're thinking of taking our cyclo-cross bikes to do some driving and day riding. We'll have 2 half days to begin and end the week of riding and 5 full days and we need ideas. I'd love to be able to ride some dirt roads and easy trails through some of the desert parks and possibly stop by the Grand Canyon for a day hike. Thoughts??


  1. I live in, and love Arizona, but only stay in the Old Pueblo (Tucson). Sedona is beautiful (I'm told) and the Grand Canyon is a must-see. In terms of specific locations, I am at a loss. You should google some of the PHX area cycling clubs and get some recommendations from them.

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