Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can't let down the tattoo.

Pants that used to be too big now fit and new pants seemed to have fit for only the briefest of moments. This Iron(wo)man has been letting herself down. Life just got in the way but, exam is over, kitchen is so clean you could eat in it, basement still mouldy but Ironhusband has made great strides in destruction preparing for anti-mold fogging so, it’s back to what now passes as life. As an aside, in the midst of Iron training last year the back half of our basement began to harbour another form of life on the walls – so, of course, we just shut the door, waited for it to dissipate in the fall and then, since it wasn’t visible any more, well left it until this spring. Then I got the brilliant idea that since I’d like a cold room, the easiest thing was to strip the walls of the mouldy drywall and insulation and get instant cold room. Apparently the devil is in the details and the husband is worrying about this and that – heat to the kitchen just above for instance – he’ll figure it out.

Triathlon training is slated to begin gently the first week of May but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get into more activity before that. I know I do much better with a formal schedule but I need to make the effort to get into the pool, back on the treadmill at lunch a couple times a week and, most pleasurably, the bike on weekends – both days! I know that all that activity, coupled with journaling my food, and those too big pants that were on the list for charity will be gone and I will be able to do cartwheels in the new ones. Not that I don’t want a cookie right about now…ugh!

Absolutely pumped for Paris to Ancaster, a point to point cyclocross/mountain bike race – I’ve never done the full 60 k but I’m ready for it. Well not quite. I decided that such a macho, manly, muddy race needs a tiara for my helmet. If I can find one that will fit on the helmet then I will be Iron Princess, slayer of boys on bikes. A tutu was suggested but that just isn’t aero you know. That’s Sunday. Look for race report of great glory and awesomeness next week.

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