Thursday, February 4, 2010

What was I going to do?

So, yeah, the blog post outlining our most fabulous recent holiday is forthcoming but we are having technical difficulties. We have this nifty new Acer mini computer box thingy. Well it has a slot for camera memory cards. It, however, has no button to eject said camera memory card. So, the husband informs me that the pictures didn't actually get downloaded in the panic of how to get the card back out. Tweezers in case you want to know - girls can be handy to have around sometimes.

So, yeah, where was I? Oh, right, cruise blog posting waiting until the husband returns from the frozen prairie to tell me where the camera cord is so the pictures can get posted. Facebook is waiting too. Everyday I see more fellow cruisers uploading pictures while I twiddle my thumbs. What is twiddle of thumbs anyway. Must google.

So, yeah, where was I? No pictures right now. Actually having just gone downstairs to get something for dinner and having then spend a minute or so just staring at the laundry room I'm probably lucky I'm back upstairs at the computer. So much stuff crammed into my 45 year old brain it just all gets lost.

So, yeah, where was I? Right, when I was downstairs looking at the washer and the freezer and the bikes and the out of season clothes I had a brilliant idea for a blog post. I seem to have left it downstairs but if I go down to retrieve it then I'll just leave something else down there, like my car keys.

My car keys have been missing for months. We just use Alex's set and living and working downtown, if he goes out west for work and takes them with him, well, I really don't miss the car. I generally walk or transit to work.

Ah, the TTC, Toronto Transit Commission. Here's my theory. Everyday they take half the employees and put them in a room with donuts and give them hugs. The other half go into a room where they are beaten. So, board that streetcar and play the game of which driver you get.

Right now my satellite radio is playing the Clash and I'm lost in the memory of being an exchange student in West Berlin in 1982, where I alternated between listening to The Clash and Pink Floyd's The Wall. It's been an interesting life even if I can't find my car keys.

And now I"ll have to explain to that younger husband of mine who The Clash was.

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  1. Nice reference to The Clash. I always loved Should I Stay or Should I Go.

    Glad to have you back posting.