Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chugging Along

Since everyone around me is probably sick and tired about hearing how tired I am I thought I'd share with all of you. The good news is I'm no longer sick, but, well, it's hard to tell myself that when I'm dragging my butt here, there, and yonder. I've got a draft of the next part of our cruise but can't seem to summon up the energy I felt while on the trip, so, that makes it tough to sell it to my large internet audience.

I know that when I'm off training, for injury or illness, I always feel like I'm losing fitness on a minute by minute basis. Respiratory infections, not surprisingly, leave me winded when I try to head upstairs and that reminds me too too much of being fat and unfit, getting winded bending down to tie my shoes. The difference for me now, between feeling ill and being well, is so profound that I just don't deal with it very well. When I was fat and unfit I suspect that the difference between sickness and wellness was too small to really notice.

So far, not back to training except for Pilates last night where I felt my legs tremble under the lightest of pressure. It did get the body moving, however, which is all I need to be doing at this point.

It's funny, training now for Around the Bay I was thinking that I'd be happy with a 3:15 finish - given already planned easy training. Well, it's good to check out one's previous times before setting goals. I actually shocked myself to find out my best time so far has been 3:20, so, maybe 3:15 on an off year is stretching it a bit.

I've been a bit burnt out, which, I suppose is not surprising the year afer Ironman. In a way, no training we do this year is going to compare with last year's, physically or mentally, and I hope that training for IMAZ again next year gives the same joy and sense of accomplishment as 2009. I'm lacking that joy right now.

In the meantime, I'm going devote some mental and physical energy to vegetable gardening. I really should tell the tale of last year to make you understand the leap of faith this is going to require but short story - 24 Amish Paste tomato plants, nurtured from seed, yielding approx. ZERO tomatoes. But, you see, I've just read the most incredible idea about
growing potatoes in laundry bins and I JUST CAN'T WAIT.

And now, since Big Clyde so enjoyed the cute bear - here's another one. He's so adorable in that year or two before he starts hunting you.

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  1. Ha! He'll have to catch me first. Umm, yeah...better get back to working out now to build up my speed.

    I'm trying to stay out of a funk...I think it is because I am still eating garbage while trying to add cycling miles.

    P.S. Knock it off with the super-cute bears.