Friday, January 15, 2010

Treadmill Dancing

So my day started with my day by almost applying toothpaste to my face in lieu of moisturizer. They both come in tubes of course, but, happily the more sticky and well, minty consistency of the toothpaste gave it away and I stopped short of a cleaner, whiter complexion.

Next I notice a bit of, shall we say smeg on the inner elbow of my sweater. I’m sure the directive to sneeze and cough into your elbow has gone worldwide but has anyone thought of the consequences from a laundry perspective. If said elbow material is not put through a washer but is hand washed instead the hygiene ramifications are immense.

So, onwards and upwards to the day. Training notes for the week. Enjoyed, yes E.N.J.O.Y.E.D. a treadmill workout even matching my co-worker the super sprinter’s pace at one point. While on my recovery break. Really enjoyed the workout ending in 55 minutes and actually I thought that was sweet but the next day a track workout was only 30 minutes. This is nuts, crazy, absolutely welcome. I forgot just how much time Ironman training takes and by the end, if you remember, wasn’t having any fun with any of it. So, the joy in movement is back.

New jeans fitting me today. Very nice. A massive wardrobe appears to have been acquired up the upcoming running cruise holiday. With the market crisis and attendant income crisis new clothes have not been prioritized for a couple of years and with no Iron training this summer I might actually need more than one t shirt and one pair of shorts to wear in the rare non-training off work hours.

Next thing that needs to be replenished is music. I have wrung my Itunes collection dry. I don’t need any more “gosh, you’re just super, gosh, you just have to give it a try and you can succeed, gosh you can make to the end” music. I crossed that line. I need Boogie Woogie and some is coming to me.

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  1. Cannot go wrong with EW&F. Early Michael Jackson works pretty well, too!