Friday, January 8, 2010

And so it begins afresh,

So, last night I venture back to the home of our Ironman training, the rec centre at Ryerson University. The first thing that struck me was that I wasn’t absolutely bagged. It was so strange, the place smelled like fatigue to me but it just wafted over and didn’t cling. (strange metaphor I know). Next thing that I thought of with giddy delight was how my first track workout was only 5 k. And no swim after. (thank you new tattoo).

So, if you are a Facebook friend you know that I went there with my finisher’s shirt and tattoo glowing underneath it simply to bask in the well deserved accolades that were sure to come my way. Of course, as a university rec centre there aren’t a lot of middle age crisis types with dreams of Ironman so, well, neither seemed to make an impression. I did get the feeling that 2 runners on the track did a double check, but, really, when you are hot as I am – that just comes with the territory.

It really didn’t matter anyways. I was just so pumped to be back at workouts. I admit I like the discipline of a training schedule and, yes, I learned to love track and treadmill workouts even more than random running around the city. I guess I’m just becoming very goal oriented and I hope to work that to my advantage in the coming years.

So, in the coming year, what do I hope to accomplish. Well, I learned last year that I can’t lose weight during heavy training but I am going to work on that goal this year with reduced training loads. Triathlon has not taken much off me in pounds but I have gone down 2.5 sizes in years in the last three years; just need that last half size to fit comfortably into the jeans I picked up the other day. I don’t usually buy goal clothing but I just refused to buy another pair of jeans in the same size so 2 pairs sit in my drawer at home waiting for the magic moment when I can get them on without a horizontal surface cheat. To get there right now I’m using my fabulous new iPhone with a food journaling app and trying to drop 250 calories a day for a good slow loss. I have also ordered Metabolic Efficiency Training to get a handle on a more athlete friendly diet for Alex and I. During Ironman training I WAS STARVING and I’m pretty sure that we took in a lot of crap that didn’t contribute to the cause. Next time planning meals is something else I’ll be better at.

This year we’ll have to decide what race to do in 2011 so we can sign up. Alex really wants to do IMAZ again and, well, since he never reads this, I’ll admit that a very big part of me also wants to revisit Scottsdale, Tempe, and that course. The area will always be special to us so maybe, that might be a good choice. But, 2013, we need to try something else like IMWI.

Otherwise looking ahead we have a our 4th running of Around the Bay at the end of March, the mad, crazy, muddy Paris to Ancaster Paris to Ancaster cross country race ,on our fabulous cyclo cross bikes, in April Sportinglife 10 K in May, as well as a women’s only half marathon for me. Looks like Steelhead 70.3 and Muskoka 70.3 are the only triathlons on the slate for me. Alex thinks he will do a sprint in Bala but I’ve discovered that the energy at those short events is too stressful for me. I really don’t enjoy them. It’s half iron or longer only going forward.

I want to continue to leave pieces of my life behind me everywhere I go in order to feel the sunlight. I want to continue to motivate others to work towards their fitness goals, actually coming up with some fitness goals if necessary, and to always remember to take seriously the role of an Ironman finisher. It’s intimidating out there and we’ve created this stereotype of athleticism as something that is out of the reach of ordinary people. I’m as ordinary as they come and I’ve run across that finish line. Finish lines are the happiest places in the world and the more people who run/ride/walk/stumble across them the happier and healthier our society will be. Oh, and throw in some yoga or Pilates some times too.

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