Monday, November 30, 2009


That's the sound of post-Ironman depression. Woke up with a stiff neck that hasn't loosened up and the day has progressed to encompass a ridiculous tit for tat at work that I've been dragged into, I'm trying to cut out those extra training calories from my diet and I'm starving, and I'm just left thinking that my time was too slow, that Alex, Esther and Zdenka had their own party around the 14 hour mark and I was too slow to attend. I feel like I'm reliving the loneliness of that last lap again.

This is just not acceptable - I was so privileged to be able to have a body that I could take around and around that course.


  1. Apparently we're all dealing with a bit of this. So, whether it helps or not, we should take heart that it's a normal part of the process and will pass. On the plus side, we know that "next time" we will have the confidence that our bodies CAN do it and the experience to tweak race day to be just a little faster :) I'm pondering another for 2011 (NOT next year, for sure) and IMWA intrigues me...we could make quite a vacation out of it!

  2. I don't know what you're feeling, but Molly is right. You DID it and will do it better and faster next time. You are now a triathlete! Try to enjoy the natural settling down from it and use this month to pull back a little and plan for 2010. That's my advice anyway. Congrats again!

    Big Clyde