Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's game on

November 21 2009, T-1

The past few days have been a crazy ride. We landed Thursday afternoon and got to our absolutely fantastic suite shortly after. Scottsdale impressed us so much right off the bat. It’s clearly a very fit and wealthy town (sadly the two often are mutually inclusive) and we set out that night to find a spot for dinner.
Ironman keeps you busy before the race. Friday you venture to the race site to get registered during the day only to return at night for the pre-race meeting at the side of Tempe Town Lake. 2500 plus people sitting on folding chairs and sloping lawns all trying not to freak out. Friday night I felt great – I got to meet Barbara and Molly briefly but it was nice to recognize them and get a hug. The internet is so wonderful for allowing these connections with people I’m am just sad that the schedule has made it impossible to spend much time with them yet. Perhaps Monday while I suck back wine spritzers and talk about my incredible race prowess.
Today we dropped off our bikes and filled our 5, yes 5, bags. Bag 1 is for morning, and then evening, clothes. It’s got our swim stuff as well with lots of Vaseline for lubrication in the wet suits. Neither of us has swum more than 2000 metres in a wet suit so we need to remember to lube our necks up well. Bag 2 has the bike stuff, shoes, helmet, shorts, jersey, small bag of meds for bad stomachs, nutrition (about 1600 calories for the ride) and a letter or two from friends. Bag 3 is the bike special needs bag that you get half way through the ride. It’s got more nutrition in case you’ve lost yours to the road at some point. Bag 4 has run stuff, another pair of shoes, running shorts, new socks, new top, arm warmers and for me, a change of sports bra. I hope I get a very large matronly woman to help me into that – I’d like her to call me honey a lot. I draw the line at lubing up the twins however. That’s my special job. Bag 5 is the run special needs, available half-way at the 21 k mark. It’s surprisingly cold down here so we each have a shell in that along with another bag of meds. It’s all a big exercise in organization and, also in marriage as we “discussed” the whereabouts of everything and the schedule of events. Let the record stand that I was right about everything.
I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I do wish I was sleeping better but my mind just won’t shut off these days. It’s not a case of anxiety as much as rehearsing everything over and over again.
I’m so lucky to have Alex to train and race with and I’m thrilled that with 3 loops on the bike and run I will see him and Esther, Zdenka, Barbara and Molly as we each move forward on our journey to the finish line.
Expected time is 15-16 hours for me, Alex will be a couple hours faster and is threatening to be drunk by the time I finish.

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  1. I thought it was last weekend and wondered why you hadn't posted. It's today! I will be thinking of you and hope that you have fun with it (sounds deadly to me). We're cheering you on!

    Big Clyde