Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walking home from work tonight I got to a busy corner very near where I live. The sidewalk was narrowed from scaffolding set up and we were all trying to finish crossing on the light and rushing to catch the green. The downtown hipsters were dressed in downtown hipster fashion including one woman with great red hair (a red not seen in nature), high heels and the newest fashion accessory, a bike. Coming the other way was a man in a wheelchair who was long past his hipster days and probably just one level up from living on the street. We all made way for him to get by first but he offered the sidewalk to all of us. We thanked him, moved forward and I though that he had the most incredible dignity in his manner. There was nothing handicapped about him; he was equal to any of us, including the bike woman who then thanked his for his "gentlemanness". Freaking triathlon making me in touch with my emotions - I almost cried at her wonderful grace. But that wouldn't be hip.

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