Friday, June 26, 2009

Training has been going well - peaking at about 9 hours a week right now and about to go do into recovery week.

I'm feeling so strong that I have revamped the race goals that I established for myself in the winter. Last year I completed the Bracebridge half iron distance (no registered trademark) in 8:11. Just over a month later I did the Muskoka 70.3 (definitely trademarked) in 8:05. Bracebridge was a beautiful sunny day on a considerably easier course but I wasn't as focused on the racing. Quite honestly I was just glad to do it before the cut off. Muskoka was rainy, hilly, nasty but I was fitter and took off more time. I'm not even sure if I really had my race head on any better so I think a lot of the pickup was actually physical.

Originally I thought I'd do the Bracebridge race this year in 7:15 and Muskoka in 8 hours but, with my new faster bike and fitter body I'm calling 7:00 for Bracebridge and 7:30 for Muskoka.

The plan has me doing lots of intensity work that I would normally have slacked off on. But Ironman has a way of terrifying me into following the workouts to the letter. Gosh, who would have thought that training would actually work.