Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick bio - 44 years old (45 on the 20th - new age group), married 10 years to Alex with small hairy child subsitute dog named Chindi. Alex also does tris and is doing Arizona with me. If we could get a bike for Chindi she'd be all over racing too. She swims like a fish, runs like Lisa Bentley.

We live in downtown Toronto, I work in an investment dealer and Alex works for a large software company.

We both came late to athleticism starting with a tri a try in 2005. I've been through the wringer with anxiety and panic attacks in training and racing (esp in the water) but have come out the other end a better person. If anyone is going through that with open water I'm happy to pass on my experience and the tips that work for me.

Outside of racing and training I'm getting into vegetable gardening and cheesemaking. We like eating - hence the training and racing.

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